Pure Tea Tree Essential Oils


Enjoy the lasting and refreshing fragrance of our Pure Tea Tree Essential Oils. Our Essential Oils are made using natural plant extract and do not contain paraben, no additives, and are 100% alcohol-free. It provides relaxation and helps relieve stress and the nervous system. The lasting fragrance can make you feel calm and improve the air quality. These Essential Oils come in different scents to meet your taste and specialize in humidifiers, lamps, aroma diffusers, and more. 


  • Different scents to meet your demand.
  • Soluble in water, can fall into the water and mix to use.
  • Specialized for a humidifier, lamp, aroma diffuser, etc.
  • It can relieve stress, the nervous system, and it makes you pleasant, and also makes the fresh air.
  • It cannot be used for the body, and it does not apply to the skin.


  •  Content: 10 ml
  • Lavender, Rose, Lemon, Lily, Sandalwood, Sakura, Violet, Green Tea, Ocean, Vanilla, Jasmine Osmanthus Scented and (optional)